Shit-squirting is the preferred sport of politics. Unlike your average game of mud-fighting, the traditional crap-tossing

is back on all Romanian TV stations. Same old shit's as fresh today as it was back in Basquiat's time. This turn round it's
party A drowning party B in manure. And even though the popular Antena 3 TV channel's basking in prime-time glory,
whilst sinking former president Basescu's shit-ship, its affiliation to the CNN network doesn't smell like dandelions
either. Basescu should've drowned long ago, but hey, i guess his slow demise makes a grander come-back for  Iliescu's
fan club at USL and turns former prime minister Bombonel Năstase into a national hero, through his recent incarcera-
tion (at Basescu's request).
This has been one of the toughest posts for me because day in day out all my family and friends seem to be discussing
are the upcoming elections. I'll vote on Sunday but i'm afraid that Romania's still in the midsts of the familiar ball
game between the U.S.A., Russia and the E.U. regardless of a Basescu, Iliescu or Antonescu. Rosia Montana, i expect,
might still get blasted off the face of the map, but anyway...perhaps  Arthur C. Clark's quote, from Jawaharlal Nehru,
makes more sense than my scato-scented ramblings.

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