new comic for Vice Romania

New comic for Vice Romania, you can read the whole thing here. Also, this month,
Vice Romania is celebrating Children's Day through a month of documentary articles
centered round Romanian orphans. Tough material but worth investigating for a more
incisive look into anti-abortion laws and child welfare. 

Started a new monthly collaboration with

Sketching around, metro portraits for a spec of a sec, supermarket checks and plastic facts, wrapped up in comics packs.

the flea market blues

Been completely absent minded these past months, juggling flaming deadlines, managing a tumblr account and
getting the hang of instagram. Still, blogspot's the virtual home, so here's a small showcase of a comics that will
appear, this April, in a comics booklet I'm doing for Centrala UK and Ligatura Festival in Poznan. Hopefully,
I'll be posting more regularly from now on.


If one's life were to be judged according to the number of uploads per year, then mine's been particularly uneventful. Regardless, I've been fairly busy lamenting my insignificant experience in the sequential form, and have decided to share the outcome with you, dearest lonesome readers :) This comic was done for the Fumetto Competition, and it deals with temptation's tantalizing tentacles. Happy new!