e mai multa prezenta-n absenta. see and look.i am not a psycho-analyst.could you try to explain yourself? like in numbers or letters, or signs or hands or space or bar?
whenever you hurt or are in doubt, do a personality test or complete a psychology test:
a.), b.) or d.) i see, yes. as in 1.(, 0r 2.) or 3* baby yes, oh yes we have finally arrived at the check-out we had waited for so long.what do we say?
Aaa! to the doctor.i am not, i am 1 replaced being and one shelf to the left like legs running on a taskbar.5-7-5. inbetween, door number2.i choose. i anticipate.spending time on a.but remember as i've heard: "silence is not a question" like the cage man said*no intelligent remark intented,i know.

say what?

The bag is ready, but now i don't know what to do with it ...

and i haven't found a home for these fellows, because i am a lazy ass,

these are some of the first thingsfrom thenew year2007 and 2008,
some things here and there, almost,

and this is some little work from Makunouchi Bento's release Jebel Chamber Orchestra-
Jebel is a sanatory close to Timisoara-but if you ask me i don't know anything about a cuckoo nest.
and this is what i am listening to right now:

scanner pro-knife

i want you to knooow, coco-jumbooo, i think it's alriiight,oooh.