TAXI is my graduation project. it's a box containing 6 projects made together with 6 friends: Felix, Adriana, Anca, Turbo, Basti and Silvestru.It's 26 by 20 cm, weighs 650g and has its own passport.

Felix- Poez, a booklet of 16 poems, packed like old biscuits.

Adi-One minute useless thoughts, 9 fragile postcards

Tudor-Turbo Tudor package, for his lovely photos

X-Wooloomooloo's magic moments, map of X's stories.

Basti-How to paste up in 3 easy steps plus paste up by Basti, the paste up is more than 1m high

Silve- Card game portfolio,with 24 huge A5 cards.

the passport's about the box and about the friends i collaborated with on it.