illustrations for the upcoming issue of Regard magazine, linked to the Internet in Romania.

passport part17

The grape-head man was induced by a heavy dose of my brother's new mix, check it ova' here.
While the cut-cut-paste-your-tingling-thoughts-paper piece is a recent addendum to the collection
of cut-out carnivorous characters i'm scissoring through.

still snapping around with a chupa chups camera. i'd hate to imagine some of these moments,
people and places gone. life wouldn't be what it is without them. mouth full of flavors rolling.

sun burnt scanner, night burned out, bursting gold beneath a coal crust.
and two badges found in the flea market today. igne natura renovatur integra.


passport part16

on account of my withering memory, i'm currently taking snaps with a Chupa Chups toy camera.

you take a Louis Fry photo, add a layer of outer-space bizarreness, and then keep pilling up till
you feel like your eye sockets are going to vomit 3D rainbows. Be sure not to forget to spit out a
pinch of Jared French, pinned with a spot of Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box and a snap of

a second of april

draw-draw-draw and drawl some more, point connected to the thought, line runs off traced by
the hand. or how a drawing a day keeps the psychoanalyst away.