comics teleported at Fumetto Festival

One of my comic/etching is being exhibited during the Fumetto Festival , so hurra hurra for my troglodyte ha-ha!
In other words, I am very thrilled to be even an insignificantly microscopic part of this event :)

tadaaa-two comics

2 new comics for Vice Romania, numero uno about amore and numero due a skim-through the everyday life of an average
Romanian farmer.


new comics, text by Lidia, squiggly lines by me, out now in Vice Romania.

the stuff dreams are made of

available in most major bookshops

The Czech-Romanian collaboration in comics is a project undertaken by Jumatatea Plina
and the Czech Embassy in Romania. Together with a growing number of Romanian
cartoonists and writers, they've managed to publish some 6 different volumes, in three
languages over 1 year.  There are 4 other volumes underway so stay tuned. Amongst the
team of collaborators: Akira,  Adrian Barbu, Maria Surducan and Ileana Surducan.
Covers and other typographic paraphernalia by yours truly.

stuff for Vice

Reduce, reuse,recycle... eco-themed comix for Vice Romania, and a spasmed quarky fore-telling


Nicolae Mărgineanu- one rare psychologist, for Regard revue.

hai la vot!

national elections are on today, a comix i did with Lidia Neagu about the two candidates.

Free fall

A scrollable sort of comix meets article, for Vice, documenting the decline of the Romanian railroad system . Written by Lidia Neagu.

ocolul infinitului mic pornind de la nimic

installation for Art on Display. Thank you Suzi for the initiative und Grigore for the helping hands. Started from a title and teenage memories, ended in a hundred year old box.

illustration for the cover of one 20 page comic booklet, revolving around the subject of harm reduction, the global war on drugs and the HIV epidemic in Romania. flip through some of the stories inside here.

illustration for NovoDoba 2014 and a short interview for Moldavian ermanos.

Victor Brauner in sequences & another comic bonus

surrealist artist's life compressed into one page bande
for Regard magazine. Plus another scroller.

CUCA festival

a piece I did about CUCA shortly after coming back to the chaotic urban ant colony of Bucharest, and here's the page of the festival

silkscreen posters

Stephen Jay Gould quote turned into spinning silkscreen posters by primitive printer Grigore

legal highs

read full version here, print coming in September, will post more info soon

Stephen Jay Gould quote, soon out in a limited edition of silkscreen printed posters

Maria Tănase

new comic about Maria Tănase will be out this month in Regard revue francofone de Roumanie

support. don't punish

Yesterday was the International Anti-Drug day so the Romanian Harm Reduction Network decided to celebrate by publishing a flash back of the war on drugs. Find out more on and Breaking the taboo. Romania is currently facing an HIV epidemic and an almost complete lack of funding for harm reduction methods.