what i do for a living

wedding invitations are a decent way to make a living as an illustrator in good old Romania.
but be warned, it's no easy business, the couple i did these drawings for were some of the
toughest clients i've ever encountered. still, the work turned out pretty decent, considering
the fact that i was supposed to include a lion and a crab, Radisson hotel and a carnivalesque
atmosphere, to name a few of the requirements.

met adi in paris after a year and a half,
pics taken in the photomaton of palais
de tokyo with her & ein Australian native.

19/02/2011 mashed potatoes, round up from sites and artists like: Araki,
Max Beckmann and singer Nina Hagen.

winter with the beach boys

crap for a camera, crooked miss-framed shots, missing film, Jana Sterback's Hairshirt pijama,
Maurizio Cattelan's tiny elevators in Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery and one small trip to Paris.

george loses something

spent a month last summer sketching the story of George. to navigate through the rest 19 lives visit his site.

passport part XIV

people in the metro, signs on the street, rhinoceros' pace as drum beat

angouleme 2011

A few pics from Angouleme's International Comics Festival 2011, just to give you a lil' taste of
what our eyes were drewling over. Amongst tones of comic books hoarded from China to Finland to
Serbia,on shelves and stands, we came across a tiny exhibition of works by Dominique Goblet,
who also held an intense discussion on her ouvre, a myriad of mind bobbling exhibits at the
Comics Museum, one unique showcase of Hong Kong bd ... feels as though i've seen enough
comics to make me vomit rainbows on a daily basis.
Also, Hardcomics Crew together with Jumatatea Plina managed to distribute a whopping 600
copies of The Book of George to future Romanian comics fans from Europe and beyond.
We met up with at least a dozen creative comics collectives and publishing houses.
Oh! and i forgot to mention the very delicate but brutal exhibition of the new generation of
Belgian bd artists which included names like: Raul, Ilan Manouach and the previously mentioned
Miss Dominique. Le Dernier Cri was also present, bastard child of the festival, protesting alongside
other likeminded anarchists. For more info check Jumatatea Plina's site during the following weeks.
à bientôt!