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One of my weird comics was featured in this year's catalogue of Novo Doba Festival! Muahahaha!...

Famnaz festival in Pancevo, Serbia, clogged our collective arteries for two days, on the 24th and 25th of August.
Was invited to pump some fresh blood representing Cristian Prandea's recent collection of Romanian comic artists,
through the Jungle  book. In one hap-hazardous night i ran into Johanna Marcade of the Novo Doba festival, part of
the team in charge of the Symposion project, Svetlana Nikolin's Collection of old Armenian songs and one Miroslav
Lazendić of Greed Graphics, to name a few of the bubbles that kept popping up throughout. This was the festival's 1st
edition, hope they keep up the lude work! Almost forgot, Anamaria of Jumatatea Plina bookstore sent me 2 copies of

Alex Tamba's latest comic book Mila 23, with the purpose of showcasing it at Famnez. It's a mind boggling ensemble
of great composition, clean visual rhythm and finel spun storytelling, read it if you get the chance.

We're too busy queueing for a Happy Meal to realize what we've left behind.  All the pictures above were shot at 
The Natural History and Archeology Museum in Constanța. Sau despre cum suntem prea preocupați cu inte-
grarea în finit să ne mai uităm înapoi . Când timpul se măsoară în bani nu ne mai permitem să stăm pe gânduri
decât în rate.

32/24 cm din Lacul Fundeni, acum vreun an.

Been talking so much shit lately i thought it wiser to turn it into a comics and send it to Kuti

Mr Vladimir Palibrk's just sent me 2 copies of the Distorted Mirror book he's recently published in Belgrade. Features the
works of some 47 dealers in the obscure parallel universe of dreams, myself included. The tales revolve round celebrities
in our distorted b/w reveries.