in one drop

all hopes crowded in jars in the mini mall's market, posters of stars on the streets,galaxy at your feet when pa and ma they be here with you next 20 years gonna spin fast around your head like birds in a funny cartoon,you a drawing in an ant's day dream of freedom and Columbus got to bring magic presents of chicken-pocks and lunatic proclamation by white man that all men are created equal only to be remembered in mid 20th century, our barbaric rituals still play on tv,man in digital age still cave man.humdrum,come on, you know i'm kidding,not like a bit of nonsense ever hurt anybody,right?

all is part of my ignorance

it's not what it looks like

la multi ani Adi!

+^~~~,**}---{.. } .:"` *
happy birthday adi! une jolie jour seulment pour toi petit poison rouge.little star fish shinning in the palm of this hand, with a diamond in your hair and the rainbow in your eyes.big hug little h2f!.

new stuff stuff stuff

so,you're standing in front of the mirror looking at this face and it doesn't look like yourself but it does and then you try to fit the image to the one that you've got of yourself inside and that's pritty much where i'm standing, but these days the sun is shining and so i guess it's alright.

up and down

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtourist tourist-ja ja xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxleipzig zig-a-di-zag?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxholland hu hatet mit yau?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxvive vive vive!le camambert et petite,jolie adi!xxxxxxxxx