Colorful scribbles for Scena9, new beginnings and the deluge.

tbt 2016

2016 zapped through with very few posts. Been busy posting on tumblr, lately Instagram as well. Seems as though the Internet fosters personality disorder through a range of tantalizing outlets :) Above is an abridged version of the past year's endeavors, among which a collaboration with Livia Coloji for Plai Festival, postcards for Anthony Frost Bookshop, one dossier of Galeria Posibila's Master Degree Shows, an illustration from a series for Glamour Romania and a cornered detail from a series of illustrations on depression for Andrada Fiscutean's article up on Vice, via Bursele Superscrieri.


Tiny skulls or stones for an article by Andrada Lăutaru up on Casa Jurnalistului. >>> English version here <<<


Sequential run through the many shapes and sizes of bribery in the Romanian domestic landscape, up on Vice Romania.

old farts

Comic booklet out soon, hopefully.