Origami Sound invited me to do a cover for Hostage's release on their label. The graphical approach was the Scotsman's
idea. He would have preferred a woodcut, but since I was lacking the required amount of cojones involved in the carving
procedure we agreed that a linocut would do. ¡Gracias
Grigore for the technical support & Calamansi for


 Been calling up a variety of créateurs and creatures to show-case their sketchbooks for Vice magazine RomaniaWhat
was supposed to be a weekly dose of my dreary works, later oozed into this  egregious collection of notable specimina
from the local illustration/comics/visual arts fauna.

Added a new  sketchbook on the site. Temporarily dangling in a placid state, made a few doodles and wrapped up deadlines,
while waiting for a prolonged break