Always remember to never forget

This is a small part of the things that I've been doing for the past 3 years, looks like I used to experiment more, anyway, I like all of these drawings goes nothing *

The magic trick and bonus's all so quiet.

Linda Brown: .

Coco Jumbo! 4th shirt

Turn inside-out and upside-down, almost there { ..} or: this started as a drawing from a previous post, I had made it in order to print it on a pink under-shirt.

It's magic everywhere!

This is a present made for a friend, at first it was supposed to be a boat but then Silvestru found this house. It's going to be filled with sweets :D How sweet is that?


There were two dogs out on the street last night, one black and one white, sniffing each other's asses, which was funny. The rest is the stuff I was up to this week.

Monkey business

Careful monkeys gather a lot of bananas. People are special monkeys.