fotografie: Lidia Neagu, concept: Vazelina. mai multe in urmatorul număr din Tataia


new comics for Vlada's upcoming booklet on wierdo dreams and infiltrated personalities

si alte mamifere aici

which way do we go? moving forward, repeat mode, stand by and back-tracking. roll-roll-roll

your boat, where it stops nobody knows.

urban guide

a month and a half worth of illustrating and walking down the narrow tangled lines of Bucharest, project by Odaia Creativa detailing various curious urban situations in the capital.

looking through cracks. crooked crutches melt into fine threads of shredder midnight dreams.

EP launch by Makunouchi Bento boyz, in outer-space at Control Club dis saturnday
with one possible live drawing session jam with Doctor Kraimann. copertina by moi.

mi casa es su casa

pe Calea Mosilor 62-68, pana pe 23 noiembrie, are loc Salonul European de Banda Desenata
la anexa foto MNAC. e mai mica expozitia ca anu trecut dar tot dai peste artisti destul
de tari ca Dominique Goblet, Ilan Manouach sau Lorenzo Matotti.

Multumita Anamariei de la Jumatatea Plina, am si io ghereta pitita undeva la etajul 1.
Am construit-o-mpreuna cu Grigore, un tip peste care-am dat la Gaia acu o saptamana.
Era a doua data cand paseam inconstienta acolo. Se pare ca amandoi eram la fel de
pierduti in peisaj. In fine, daca apucati dati o tura prin casuta, e destul de stabila desi e mobila ..
cristi niculici ne-a ajutat cu planul, tot el s-a ocupat de proiectul asta. multumim sefule!

mein brother's gonna be putting out a new mixtape, this is his sound cumulonimbus

one new never before seen piece in da creepler gallery of vatra collective,
opening new show today, be there or be triangle!


while reality's diluted in sign language and anything's translated into money, buy to sell out

dizein für khidja's poor relatives' release at local records. had no sample of the EP to dive my
ears down through, while working on the graphics, plus the boys wanted their portraits
somewhere in the final product, so it all ended up revolving round a visual representation of
relativeness and relativity. pics by lidia neagu

while we wait

new camera, still limping around though, with an olympus mju