10 years of Romanian comics

back in February  2013 finished this comics for comiXconnection - a free-floating platform that gathers works from a hefty number of cartoonists from around Eastern Europe. A gargantuan list of Romanian cartoonists & comic publishers present in the upper comics here follows (in random memory order):
Sefeu, Maria Surducan, Ileana Surducan, Puiu Manu, The Book of George, Cup of ComicsTamba, Jumatatea Plina, Hardcomics, Aooleu, Harap Alb continua, Revista Comics, Dan Perjovschi, Roman Tolici, Matei Branea, Ciubi, Fredo&Pid'gin, Otaku, Livia Rusz, Sandu Florea, Dodo Niță, Istoria Benzii Desenate, Muzeul Benzii Desenate, KF Arad, Neuro, Linda, Glorioasa Fanzina.  Here are some shots from the exhibition that's currently being hosted by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest.

one run down Romanian village is the playground for brute force and "democratic" war fare. Para military are going about
the village giving out fines to villagers, beating up old nannies, to protect Chevron's corporate interests. A prime example
of how our fair government is violating human rights to boost their financial accounts for Christmas.
Thank you Chevron, it's as always a rape doing business with you!

Illustration for a text by Radu Paraschivescu, out in the December issue of Esquire Romania.

Meanwhile, mayhem rumbles in bowels as policemen turn into hill billies. They're running around beating up
locals in a small Romanian village, to peacefully make way for Chevron's intoxicating colonization. A fusion of Communist mentality and capitalist hardware, pumped by delirious doses of stupidity, equals our absurd national tragedy. More details about the history of events  here  and a recent article in the Guardian