silence and tag

some new t shirts and stuff. PLUSihavebeentaggedbyMr Tudor :D
now all i have to do is tag somebody else like: Silve &Tzutzu

cm(y)k *

"it is with the help of these transitional objects that children learn to negociate with Absence."
and something besides my usual mumbo-jumbo- watch Surplus,here's a tip:


calcium and gold tooth, dance the night away.worry?no worry.

make me young,make me young,make me young!


the best way to tell a story is if nobody is listening.
>pics by miss damianovskaia<a small hand mirror floated by

seeing is believing

cockroach diamond on my fingertip.long time no see.this is my junkie friend.he likes to laugh at my jokes and tell me how he misses his childhood and how now it's all too wasted to understand.but i see. but all this doesn't matter once it's gone.