camera broke so i've only got some flyers and prints from Next  Comic Festival in Linz. Met up with Treasure Fleet's
Aisha Franz, Tonto Comics' Edda und Helmut, Christian Wellmann, Simone H. and the Spring ladies.Was dj for one
night when i got free beers at Rother Krebs and found out more about the Ligatura Silent Comics Festival in Poland.
Also, Daniel Dorobantu's at his 3rd year of Memories of Now projections at Ars Electronica 

ca bianca

trabahando for pesos and on ein klein zine. little time for fun, write more later. till then, here goes

was back home for a while, gave me some good time to reflect..connecting dots and spots

two mixed media illustrations, accompanying an article by Radu Paraschivescu,
for a new issue of Esquire magazine Romania. Subject was highschool lovers and their
enamored teachers, crippled media capitalizing on scandal and death.