Haven't been able to post too  much this year.This is partially due to a considerable quantum of laziness. However, i'm trying
to make up for lost time with this quick collage, a sort of round up containing a small caloric dose of my work this year. So
here goes: one cripple Madonna illustration for FHM magazine , some illustrations für the Puls manual (Synopsis Media),
one jolly Sandi Bell for Street Delivery, a heart full of fists and toes for the Contemporary Dance Centre Bucharest, a voluptu-
ous pair of lips for 1 t-shirt project, rejected logo proposal for UNATC's rebranding contest, a sticker & bag for One World
Film Club
...and let me see if i've missed anything.. a yes, several illustrated typo characters for my brother's online radio  at
its 1st year anniversary und ein bisschen doodle for Ivana Mladenovic and Ana Iliesu's film selected at Tribeca 2012.

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