☞ am trecut prin Timişoara şi-am dat peste câteva insigne exemplare ☀

am fost la cea mai tare nuntă din viața mea! nu credeam c-am să apuc ziua-n care-o să zic asta,
dar dacă s-ar mai nimeri aşa ospețe aş face o listă cu nunți să mă răcoreacsă toată vara ☃.
stă să mă lovească cu barda o melancolie după vara asta, prima vară pe care-o am după 3 ani
de coacere printr-un birou sub un acoperiş ☠ încins de Bucureşti.
foto de Georgel, meşter zugrav pe peliculă.

♥ sănătate la miri!

laid back, watching stars turn round my plexus. transactions between neurons fuse to fuel
ch-earning, multiplying board bears fragments of mental tatter, later tread blast. hear me,
a fracture. one more for baloney.

mad hatter and rabid rabbit revisited, 40/38cm of mixed types of paper, including rice, calc,
aged and colored papier, glazed up in markers, Japanese brush, quill pen, ink and pencil.
layer upon layer of sedimented qvasi-thoughts.

one world

flyer i recently did for One World movie clubs. was also in charge of their web design
and logo (that's an update using pieces from their previous one). met part of the kids
from the club yesterday, all brains and documetary business fanatics, fun people.
thank you Sabina for the chance to work together, hope it turns out alright along zi way.

the 20th annual meeting of badge collectors

two entries for an illustration pitch (related to the social scene in the Romanian wild outdoors),
got the job thanks to Maria Surducan and Branea's helpful mail forwarding. i owe them a multiple
round of mind boggling cocktails, right after i cash in, soooon, very soon..

proposal for a logo that got accepted but never came to be. it was supposed to go along
with a festival happening here. s o it goes, sometimes.

we all got our runnins

featured in latvian Kus Komics' latest booklet, about each author's native country.

settling in the new neighbourhood