toxic wasted brain of a hell gutter trap hole.

time fl-yes by speed of light.
love speed die trying.
have a golden spoon as discourse ain't no daisy gonna save your fucked up self.
just membranes of wounds selfishly sinking in the sound/
of everyday, every phrase. flight?

today reminding you of yesterday or tomorrow?
alcohol filling up the hole.

got shit for brains, die feeling.

last night after wrapping up work, i got up from my chair and suddently
felt this heavy weight on my back, like something iron sinking through my spine.
i knew that i wanted to draw the sensation and this is what came out.
23's because some of us freaks have number fixations.

vaseline for the brain

it was the end of summer this year when Andra, Andrei and i went to shoot an interview about
what i do. in between repeating "and" and "trip" i managed to mumble a few thoughts.
i'm real lousy with words, which is one of the reasons why i draw anyway. reality turns fuzzy,
in my mind's eye, when i need to regurgitate it out by word of mouth :^
parts of the interview are disected by Andra in the recently printed issue 2 of Tataia Magazine.
bits of the rest are on Tataia's new site.
i thank the veiozaarte crew for taking time to chat with me as we watched the sun go down round
the corner.

* special specticles for a spectacular spectacle

see through

sweet dreams

money makes the world stand still
love makes the world go round