One of the websites that i worked on this spring is The project took a while to
start up, and a couple of intermediary versions to finally get to what you see above. The end
result is not exactly what i'd intended it to be, but the marriage of  design with programming
is never an easy affair. Asociatia Odaia Creativa created the concept, gathered the materials
and were in charge of  coordinating the entire project. While t
heir friends at Best Web Image
were entrusted with the application of the whole she-bang i call web design. The map, logo,
layout, icons and illustrations are mein arbeit.

Thankfully, Irina Paraschivoiu was once again the manager of the job, and a fine job she did.
Take some time to read the stories they've gathered from around the Tara Lovistei area. The
site will grow, Bogdan Arnheim will add some more tourist trails, and in time i hope it will
become a handy guide to the region. You might remember Odaia Creativa from their previous
projects: the game
Habitat and the Guide to Urban Situations in Bucharest.

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