Novo Doba 2015

Contribution to Novo Doba2015, in Beograd. More details around the corner
The subject for the festival’s anthology was These things they do to us.

Ligatura Festival 2015

Was one of the contestants at this year's Ligatura Festival in Poland's little jewel, Poznan. Met a unique mix of people,
Belgian comic artist, Polish animators, French hitchhikers, German cartoonists, an Israeli mad pencil duo and a myriad
of reasons to linger, here's a short list: mysterious Malwina Mosiejczuk, lady Hanuka Lohrengel, Mongolian explorer
Marjorie Newnham, sign language interpreter Matt Boyce, Mr Hoffmann and Mr Goldstein, Belgian knight Alexander Robyn, trailer boy Gwion Christmas, wanna-be-Ku Klux Klan-members' sketcher Janem Soekenem and Polish Janek Koza.

a box and a book

La Galeria Posibilă până pe 12 iulie, alături de Teritorii Împrumutate de Lucian Bran.

work in regress

working on a hybrid: one part artist book, 3 quarters comic book and a tidbit walk down memory lane.


More comics and ramblings of mine on

new comics out on Vice Romania, corruption & the merry-go-round of Romanian political life.

how to teleport a comic

One of my comics/etchings was exhibited during the Fumetto Festival , so hurra hurra for my troglodyte ha-ha!
In other words, I am very thrilled to have been even an insignificantly microscopic part of this event :)

tadaaa-two comics

2 new comics for Vice Romania, numero uno about amore and numero due a skim-through the everyday life of an average
Romanian farmer.


new comics, text by Lidia, squiggly lines by me, out now in Vice Romania.

the stuff dreams are made of

available in most major bookshops

The Czech-Romanian collaboration in comics is a project undertaken by Jumatatea Plina
and the Czech Embassy in Romania. Together with a growing number of Romanian
cartoonists and writers, they've managed to publish some 6 different volumes, in three
languages over 1 year.  There are 4 other volumes underway so stay tuned. Amongst the
team of collaborators: Akira,  Adrian Barbu, Maria Surducan and Ileana Surducan.
Covers and other typographic paraphernalia by yours truly.