poster for upcoming Robotnick technik

Elle magazine Romania questioned my logic in June's issue.i'm full of shit on page 66!
thank you Maurice for having me *

passport entries, Hokusai exhibition at MNAR, snaps of Bucharest and a trip around Pantelimon Lake with Lidia.

limbagiul florilor

some new work for the infamous playboy magazine, and a demonic doodle cover to match @.@

another illustration, on the justice system in Ro, also part of Regard magazine's next issue.

two ends to every road threading their way, winding flying carpets.
collage may contain traces of: Andreas Heumann for British Vogue sept 1973,
Rolf Winquist, Norman Parkinson, Lucien Clergue, Christopher Nemeth's jacket and
Mark Morrisroe.

passport part XIX

tourist through life feels like every inch of each object counts, in an invisible tracing of space
interaction. observe the curbs, corners, close angles, the juxtapositions of reflection overlapping.
there is a point in all, join the dots pointing to an internal map. we think and act in patterns,
a code endlessly generating morphing codes. trying to capture the changing light of one day
in one still, a pixelated impressionist dream. exhaling myself, inhaling the rest.