happy new year old world!

just got my largest piece yet, delivered by post straight from Copenhagen. thought i wouldn't
see it again but what do you know? i'm life's fool of surprises. as soon as i get this 90/90 cm
through zi scanner machine and clean it up for print i'm a gonna let y'all know. till then i wish
you the bestest pour la nouvelle année.

hai cu capra!

amu ca sosi vremea colindatului si-a preacuratului, frate-miu, viitor consacrat digei
roman, a lansat un mix de Craciun cu urari de import. va dorim ascultare placuta!

found this drawing in a year old notebook i thought i'd lost last winter. merry christmas!

38,5/50 cm scissor and quill pen work, took one week to almost complete. Till i became
impatient and had it framed. Contains pieces of Casa Poporului and Biserica Stavropoleos burried
behind bunches of blocks of flats. One night while walking down Calea Grivitei i saw 6 guys beating a tall
fellow in front of a night club. Couldn't do much about it, since the turf belonged to particular characters
you don't wanna mess with. I guess the piece is a muffled cry for help of sorts.
In case you're wondering i'm fine, it's not a personal outburst but more like a mental state.

2 years ago. ho-ho-ho

viced lowbrow

what i do for a living

orice porneste de la o idee.
colaborarea cu ErFi nu parea a fi mare lucru la inceput. dar daca te concentrezi pe ceva, habar
n-ai unde ajungi.

did a poster for some friends' party, but it's not going
to be used. still, i'm looking forward to 2012.

neue t-shirt

did a couple of t-shirts for Miss Vargalui's new collection, collages of previous tiny, bending characters,
plus a lil' typo treatment on Mîndru's text. photos by Senior Andrei. More informatzionen on Laura's zite.


en fin

after 6 months of work and 6 months waiting to get it into print, it looks
like it's just about to be squirted out by Hardcomics' magic titty #10

turbo tudor took these pics at the opening of the Lowbrow Sideshow.
this is me, obviously wasted and tired as hell after finally finishing, in front
of one of the mutant pieces i did for zi show. Ja ja, arbeit macht chicken frei.
more pictures to come.


ein comics for Vice Romania.
Doamne-ajuta la mai multe vicii!

while we wait

late nights, last summer, last year. sau ce faceam cu visele acu' 2 veri.
ziua cu camera la ochi si noaptea cu penita la joc de glezne.

my brother, the mouse and me

lowbrow sideshow

the pics are shitty due to my degenerate camera, but the past weeks have brought about
one of the best collaborations i've been involved in so far. there was sewing, painting, cutting up,
breaking wood, fixing walls, a shit load of work we had to juggle. so i hope you'll enjoy seeing it
as much as we have doing it.

one new piece for da show and tell.
cut-out reality

come and see why freaks of a feather
flock together this Thursday la Atelier

mid summer, last year

toxic wasted brain of a hell gutter trap hole.

time fl-yes by speed of light.
love speed die trying.
have a golden spoon as discourse ain't no daisy gonna save your fucked up self.
just membranes of wounds selfishly sinking in the sound/
of everyday, every phrase. flight?

today reminding you of yesterday or tomorrow?
alcohol filling up the hole.

got shit for brains, die feeling.

last night after wrapping up work, i got up from my chair and suddently
felt this heavy weight on my back, like something iron sinking through my spine.
i knew that i wanted to draw the sensation and this is what came out.
23's because some of us freaks have number fixations.

vaseline for the brain

it was the end of summer this year when Andra, Andrei and i went to shoot an interview about
what i do. in between repeating "and" and "trip" i managed to mumble a few thoughts.
i'm real lousy with words, which is one of the reasons why i draw anyway. reality turns fuzzy,
in my mind's eye, when i need to regurgitate it out by word of mouth :^
parts of the interview are disected by Andra in the recently printed issue 2 of Tataia Magazine.
bits of the rest are on Tataia's new site.
i thank the veiozaarte crew for taking time to chat with me as we watched the sun go down round
the corner.