all is just work in progress.,of the this,

here's a strange selection of pictures i've ended up with on my desktop by various artists whose names don't all come to my mind, like Victor Brauner, Nan Goldin and a couple less known.

and here's a couple of links from the internet:,,

typographish vork by russian avant-garde. f*^-'#)}-k!!!
it's old, but still feels fresher than most of the shit we're seeing today. iashido showed me this site, explore it and if you're into typefaces take a look through

dilated-pupils''and'tense muscles eyes cannot believe

this is part of the crazy shit you can find on one of my favourite sites which is also in the list of links on this blog, and the incredibly magnificent site iz it contains a select variety of magazines which might be of some interest to yer visual appetite.

taking the dead for a stroll in the park

this guy is disgustingly good

check his gruesome, grueling, bleah stuffs at