bandes dessinées

Dada East tripped over crippled level of French in one comic for Regard

Stripburger #63

been featured in the latest Stripburger, alongside craftsmen like: Léo Quievreux, Ville Ranta,Szczepan Atroszko,Dunja JankovićLars Sjunnesson and other masterful ding bats.

project - Krems 2014

took almost 2 months in the making, this little experiment. In February and March 2014, I went for some winding walks around the Krems region, during an Artist in Residence program. The project's outcome: several comics in varying formats, 3d figurines (out of wax, wood, porcelain, paper) and linocut prints, all bound together in a limited edition booklet.

i am a raging herpes

i am a raging herpes / the kinda stuff they use to / coat defected dildos with / I wipe your contempt / I nurse your disgust / comfort your condescendence / & cradle your denial


the months of February and March drifted by like an early breeze of spring. Was the first time I got the chance to be an artist in residence. Been trying to digest what the experiment has meant for me but I guess I'll only be able to draw the line in a couple of years. Saw a lot of exhibits, made a comic booklet, several figurines and a lot of sketches. Above is a micro-summary. Here's also a list of some creative individuals who shared the experience and their stories with me: ❑ Andrea Kalinová,✈ Monika Vrancová, ☄Miako Klein Zsolt MolnarAdam Dallos, ≡Bonnie Jones≡, ✒ László Darvasi and ✑ Joanna Bator.

Czech comic interrupted

Back in November 2013 I started working on a comic based on the Allied Troops' take over of Prague in 1968. Back in November 2013 I started working on a comic based on the Allied Troops' invasion of Prague in 1968.
The comic was interrupted, however the story moved on and developed under the crafty hands of manga master AkiraThe comic book will be released this Wednesday, check the event here .

Nextcomic 2014 peeps and exhibit

Nextcomic Festival took place this March and early April somewhere around Linz, Wels and Steyr. A lot of big, huge and gargantuan names, a larger number of venues than in previous years and several slightly demented parties at Der Rote Krebs, KAPU and Roeda. Amongst the giants: Max Andersson(his comics and movie Tito on ice), M.S. Bastian, Joseph Lambert, Kus komiks, Sharmila Banerjee, Andy Leuenberger, Hirntrust, Lilli Gärtner & Christina Gransow, Gerhard Haderer, Christoph Abbrederis, Roiss & Silke Müller, Simon H. of Tonto Comics, Paul Paetzel, Kyle Platts, David Mathews, Tisch 14 and little old me. Had an exhibition at Röda, sold a few comics and panicked way too much. All in all 'twas a jolly good time.