some things wrong

take a nasty tooth ache, add a filthy mind and you too can find peace
in ludicrous material. worked swell as a pain killer for me.

the guys from redrops and co. gave me a lift this weekend to cool breezes. they're two too good to be true.
check out their work here and here and here and you still can't get enough.

marker and japanese brush on religious pamphlet

park life

finally got a new camera, it's the gift of the gods to us mortals: olympus + ran away to cismigiu,
with Lidia and Aida for a moment of mesmerizing meditation last week

pass the port

temporarily hooked on drawing silhouettes. chewing magazines, books and sites to the bone,
and spitting out this sort of sketches. anatomy's new to me, but i'm like a proud 3 legged dog
when it comes to drawing so
also see this guy's blog, if you feel like getting wasted on fashion photography et co.

. .
a while ago the neighbours were banging like nails being hammered through a wall. neck
constantly wet or sticky. feels like i've never known my smell as i do now.
brain's temporarily misplaced and the auto pilot's off duty. he'll check back after a short break.

if he doesn't there's always the silence that never lets you down

miki mouse and mi about 2 years ago at itseveryday, pic by master iashido


Makunouchi Bento will be launching their new album on Monday the 8th here and here,

so keep your ears peeled for more cinematic acoustic experiences.
The boys had a clear idea about what they wanted for a cover, as it turns out my mind wasn't
as crystal clear as theirs so we fussed back and forth a lot before deciding about the artwork.
All in all, i'm very grateful for their patience :P