ca sa nu aflăm semnează aici

g¤l photo by lidia neagu

thinking inside the box

thinking inside the box turns out to be just as hap-hazardous as outside of it. above we have on
display ein nouveau piece, one of two contemplating the endless possibilities provided by the
parallelepiped. parts of it are inspired by the Mayan syllabus, which is a demented cross-over
between comics and glyphs. can anyone spot the head in the emptiness?

la meilleur été

pics from last summer, tripping and skin dipping with da family at Trei Ape , powered by turbo

the sorry of the eye

back in Bucharest, faster than anticipated, got a shit load of work to do but zi brain ist out of order.
till i pump some sense into my cranium i leave you with a comics i did last summer for theBitta
Generation project in Vasto, Italy, about pollution and oil exploitation in the Adriatic Sea.

no matter where i be going or what i'll be seeing, i miss my little brother, monsieur dj pugsley

turning round my tail, like a wondering dog, can't be bothered watching, just trying to trace
my way back home. no blessing is weightless, pressing on my chest till tears start ticking out
of my eyes. can't remember my childhood, still the future presses onwards towards a forgotten
past. turning till i'm afraid i'll spill myself over. dizzy but drawling, where does anyone belong?


wishful thinking, for two friends who married recently, made of porcelain emulating clay.

Panti panther in one abandoned parking lot just outside of Resita this summer. also, i like LIC


working on a jumbo project so i've been pretty absent minded minding this virtual home.
above are pics of a present i did yesterday for two close friends. more shots on their way. bang-bang!

pass part 14?

long time no more passport entries. been having trouble scanning and postponing was not as
great a solution as i'd previously imagined. anyhows, here's a pinch of some stuff i've been doodling.