this goes out toher



was working on mr minus's cover last 2 weeks.
went from Roy Lichtenstein big bang comics bubbles exploding into sound, to a pixelated beach
reminiscent of our childhood computer games and minus's previous covers. after a 5 hour serious
talk with the musician we concluded that the best, and only solution for the cover of his latest EP,
released by Local Records, would be a badminton butterfly.
so here you have it, all done in squeaky clean vector.

the cd will be out at the end of the month as far as i know.
till then feel free to enjoy the lite sound of 95 here >
p.s. thank you milos for the helping hands

drink up!

tata si tata #6 out this week!
copertina by yours truly.

capra vecinului

illustration based on an article written by Florentina Ciuverca, entitled "Every man for himself",
discussing the absence of a spirit of solidarity amongst Romanians over the last 20 years.