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This is a poster I made for a school assignment, it's supposed to be an ad for Mountain Dew in the form of a comic strip. I chose to use collage as technique...i think the result is really funny :D


I had in mind to use this freaky-great format for my portfolio for some time now and I finally got round to using it. It's an all in one kind of a thing, I'm still working on the content and I guess it's messy right now, but in time I hope to get my thoughts in order :D

Little flyer for the zooooo!

One of our school assignemts was to make a poster and a flyer advertising the local zoo, which I didn't think was right so I ended up doing an ad against it...and this is what turned out. Voila!

Indian text

I found this poster/message some time ago,
while looking for something else and it's one
of wisest things I have ever read.