sous le cou(p) du lapin

149 A5 booklets for Tamara's show this Saturday,printed on recycled paper, were stuck at
Otopeni customs yesterday. Took a bit over a month to finish, from concept to physical object.
Ended up doing it all in pencil since it enabled me to go through all the stages the images
required: from skeleton lines to deep shadows. The moodboard included influences from
Each character is an actor in the performance Tamara's choreographed . Iris is angular and
functional, afraid of growing old and never going anywhere. Sui's disintegrating since her
husband left her. Anastase's existence is a bizarre blend of his father's pragmatism and his
mother's delusions, which draws him closer to the bathroom, space reserved for their
collective final pit stop, in the clutches of the rabid "rabbit".


waka_x said...

conplecs !:)

s.b. kosinski said...

I love love love love love love love looking at your work dude. said...

thanks dude, you've got some sick shit too