zebra safety matches

more sun more fun more now now you be fore and tomorrow test magnets in plush safe candle sticks sticking to my fingers chew strawberry fravoured digestable nutrients all colours more plastic end or fines may we be free no tooth picks for love problems chocking on pieces of snow rain trickling down your magic sun glasses, the 2 rainbows are fading away, one next 2 the other we swim in the deep sea see me in mirror start to disappear shhh! i can only listen to you make those funny noises in the street little steps, you step on me down and up, everybody's gotta have a piece of somethin' beat the beat every day dance my steps stumbling 24 hours on the long hours no sleep for the sleepwalkers let it split and then take small sips out of your pride glass a glass of water for the thirsty girl in the corner she makes it all worth while while we keep singing away in a fast car our parents in the front seats maybe not now, maybe you know sweet dreams!

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