Silvestru's Graduation piece :D

After 3 months of hard work, a lot of pissing off, cutting wood and sweating, this came out! say hello to little Silvestru's two little men and big TV. The big TV has a smaller tv inside of it which makes noises and displays snow...uuu! Really nice! :D


Anonymous said...

Silvestru likes OS Gemeos

Tzutzu said...

Only if you judge it through a stylistically driven perception, anonymous. Good work Silvester, love the work, love the concept.

"Television is the literature of the illiterate,
the culture of the low-brow,
the wealth of the poor,
the proviledge of the unpriviledged,
the exclusive club of the excluded masses."

Pablo said...

THANKS Silver.
I am the president of your fan club.
Check this:

CU Man!