Sleep tight dear Romanians!

The Romanian government recently approved a law granting Rosia Montana Gold Corp. the right to start exploiting gold in the Carpathian mountains. The law was deemed of national importance, even though the contents of the contract between the Romanian state and the Corporation have not been disclosed to the public. This project will be the largest and most dangerous of its kind in Europe and the state will only obtain 6% of the gold exploits, while the above mentioned corporation will also uncover galium and silver, amongst other national resources. So far most of the country's dreaming about hell-knows-what-kind-of-a-pink-peachy-future as the Corporation has monopole on all television channels in Romania (as they've bought them over and played their tear-jerking commercials during prime-time). Here is a clearer outlook on the situation, in English & here's the Romanian translation from a Romanian member of the European Parlament

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