i am the motorcycle engine bender, i use my extremely delicate powers to do potatoe fingers are of some use sometimes but i generally wish i could hear images while i work and thus not be forced into seeing two things at the same time. i have used part of my left brain's powers to conceal my identity so far, since being a motorcycle engine bender is something every kid grows up wishing to become, but somehow forgets along the way.

it's like looking at how the light goes through a window, on a warm summer day, at noon, and wishing you were one of the circles it turns into when it peers through holes.
speaking of which, i once drew a little girl looking through a hole in the ground. i found that quite exciting, don't you think?
but then again some people enjoy looking at things better when they have a frame around them,

why do we like some things and dislike others?
what is the first memomy you've ever had?


elea said...

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cam cestea am a spus pa-pace
cam gata firu so desirat si pasarele au zburat bla bla cracra

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ddog_hairstilist said...

cainele mort nu are sentimente. are doar chiriasi. ceva viermi. asta au si oamenii in viata. ( in cap ). e pacat ca un caine trebuie sa moara ca sa ajunga la starea aia.