e mai multa prezenta-n absenta. see and look.i am not a psycho-analyst.could you try to explain yourself? like in numbers or letters, or signs or hands or space or bar?
whenever you hurt or are in doubt, do a personality test or complete a psychology test:
a.), b.) or d.) i see, yes. as in 1.(, 0r 2.) or 3* baby yes, oh yes we have finally arrived at the check-out we had waited for so long.what do we say?
Aaa! to the doctor.i am not, i am 1 replaced being and one shelf to the left like legs running on a taskbar.5-7-5. inbetween, door number2.i choose. i anticipate.spending time on a.but remember as i've heard: "silence is not a question" like the cage man said*no intelligent remark intented,i know.


Mister_Beck said...

de pe drum culegem de toate. si pureci (purici?!static?!) si artefacte. cand se termina drumul e bezna. cineva fura mereu becul ... da !? fura ?! sa si-l bage undeva atunci !

Anonymous said...

orice experienta cere o reproducere in tine insuti,filmand tot schimbi continutul,mai bine baga timpu-n termos