hello my dear

i will sleep in a match box
while you clip your toe nails
to fashion a cushion for me

i sleep where i fit.


flo' said...

happy happy joy joy xmas & new year 2 u 2

RitterSportswear said...

"i" ..."i" - the egotistic island of "i". "i" is too short to be good :) "i" is too dry to be true.

te doare, lizuca?
si pe mine - patrocle.

paperhands said...

sen q dear sori, sparklin' wishees and warm knees from the frozen land!:)

Davide_Bouvier said...

if you'll say yes
we will go to your movies
if you'll say no
we will go to my film.

Planet_Boink said...

whats green and has two small holes ?
a green retro scifi movies rocket with only 1 window.
or not ?