yoyoyall! i made it in Typo-Passage! all because you gotta smack that typo bitch a dozen times
a week, for a couple of sorry ass years...damn. thank you tzutzu et silvia for having moi. azeuan!

i've moved in a new apartment and haven't been able to get any stable internet connection for
more than a week now so mi mind's been flying left and right, inbetween this and that. the that
above's an illustration for Cristi Neagoe's article, on cheating, in the upcoming issue of Playboy
magazine Romania.

haven't been able to get my head round to posting anything these days since i've been busy
working on 3 projects at the same time. one of the grandiose pieces i've been shitting my brains
over is the cd design for Khidja's latest masterpiece. more pics to come.

illustration about immigration in Romania, for the upcoming issue of Regard magazine.